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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some humor & some style.”

Having started at such an early age, Suhani has experience beyond her years. She has an innate sense of understanding different people and situations and she deals with them with maturity and professionalism. Her stylish, sophisticated and charismatic persona contains a generous dose of wit, intelligence and humour and her energetic presence exudes confidence and positivity. Her language is simple yet strong and convincing. Suhani has the unique talent of using the art of magic to convey her thoughts in a more powerful and effective manner which keeps the audience engaged and involved throughout.


“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity!”

Suhani Shah's career has spanned over seventeen years during which she has travelled extensively across the world with her performances, talks and trainings. Till date, thousands have been inspired by her work and have turned towards a better living through the life changing experiences she delivers. Suhani's contribution and service to humanity has earned her admiration and appreciation from all corners of the globe. Her work has been recognised and she has been felicitated by many eminent personalities.

I speak for my achievements


“I can know a lot, but my experience shows the best of me!”

Over the years, Suhani has successfully worked with leading global brands and each time has delivered something new and refreshing and yet entertaining keeping in mind the vast differences among audiences.

  • Suhani Shah seems to have fast-tracked her way to a more enlightened state as an author, corporate trainer and clinical hypnotherapist, among the many titles she ascribes to. She has achieved an understanding of the human mind that belies her age. [ View More ]

    - The Hindu, Monday,June 30,2014

  • An author, psycho-counsellor, orator, hypnotist and a magician. If you expect a middle aged person to fit this profile, get ready to be shocked as the person who dons all these profiles is Suhani Shah, who is just 19.

    - Sunday Times of India, June 28, 2009

  • She looks confident in her magician’s coat and hat. A cheerful personality, Suhani Shah strikes a conversation with ease. At 18, Suhani is much more than you expect her to be. A magician, orator, psycho-counsellor and hypnotherapist rolled in one, she started her incredible journey at a young age.

    - The Indian Express, Friday, October 31, 2008

  • Her experience of real world surpasses her age. Suhani Shah is an ambitious teenager with different vocations but a focused goal. A complete workaholic and more excited being alive, she lives life to the fullest.

    - The Herald, March 6, 2009

  • Be the master of your mind with counsellor Suhani Shah. 19-year old Shah believes that the success one has achieved in all spheres, be it science and technology or our high standards of living, has only increased our stress levels.

    - The Indian Express, Monday, November 2, 2009

  • Do you believe in magic? No? Well here is Suhani Shah to prove you wrong. Kickstarting her career at the tender age of seven, Suhani knew she didn’t want to pursue a profession that everyone else was pursuing. [ View More ]

    - The Asian Age

  • She has always had an obsession with success. She is not only obsessed with her success, but also the success of others. Determined, inspired and vivacious, at 21, she is an overachiever whose obsession with success goes too far. [ View More ]

    - The Hindu, Saturday, October 15, 2011

  • Suddenly, there’s a hush in the crowd, as hundreds of audience members collectively hold their breath and then gasp. Far above the stage, she lies suspended in the air. She’s human. They’ve seen her on stage, talking, carrying out small and simple tricks. Now, Suhani Shah can fly. [ View More ]

    - The Goan, January 18, 2014

  • Are you stressed depressed or suffering from any addictions or facing problems in your personal or professional life? Whatever be your cause of worry.Suhani has an answer. And that too, she wants you to get from within you.

    - The Indian Express, October 21, 2013

  • The first thing you notice about Suhani Shah is her lovely wide smile which seems way too big for her petite frame. But then, even Suhani’s personality is larger-than-life and you wonder how she has so much of living into just 23 years.

    - Salaam Bahrain Magazine, March 2013

  • Conquering the world is no child’s play. Agreed! Ask Suhani Shan, child/teenage prodigy who says conquering the world by conquering yourself is indeed a child’s play for anyone, especially for her. And people of all ages believe her and come in hordes to listen to her seminar and take part in the workshop in their endeavor to bring their mind under control and thus reap in rich dividends in terms of peace and happiness. [ View more ]

    - Daiji World, July 1

  • She can never be seen sans her hat, a 'shop full' is what she describes her vivid collection of hats as, and they are all meant for one person who at the age of 21 is a fantabulous orator, psychosomatic counsellor, corporate trainer, author and a powerful hypnotherapist.

    - Central Chronicle, December 18, 2012


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